Kevin Hoegger Visual Services is an interdisciplinary design studio specializing in project development, design, identity and imagemaking. The studio is located in Zurich, Switzerland. Thanks to its broad network it works beyond the country’s borders—projects in New York, Istanbul, Melbourne and Sri Lanka have been realized. KHVS works as a service provider for various business sectors and initiates its own design-related projects.

URBAN LEMONADE—founded with Uncle Urban, Jalscha Römer and Kevin Högger—is a beverage brand that produces and distributes its own contemporary premium drinks.

MOCKUP.MAISON—founded together with Michael Kennedy—provides visually appealing design resources and helps designers around the world make their presentations look good.

This is a more or less current and rather less complete archive of the studios work.



Identity for Café Bar BELMONO in Zürich. The custom typeface is based on the old sign above the arches visible from the outside—the effect of the 3d-letters of the sign, the letterforms and arches became main elements of the new identity. Further more elements from the interior design were translated into elements used for communication, production of printed matter, merchandise and more.

Interior design: Super Space Studio
Stool: Viviana Fagnani
Oli Bur shots: Mathyas Kurmann


URBAN LEMONADE launched in NYC durin summer 2023 as LIMO and is available in chrome cans only.


MOND is a small boutique hotel on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The concrete structure was designed by the Swiss architects Abraha & Achermann and built by locals.

The visual identity was created as a simple system including logo, typography, colors, local textures and images. Complementary to the visual identity, spaces and objects were designed. The hotel’s shop and rooms were equipped with a specifically designed shelving system made of local rattan. Ceramic clothes hangers can be found in the bathrooms and the inner courtyard was covered with a huge fabric dyed with classic batik techniques and wax-painting. The main entry sign was produced locally from ceramic in collaboration with Jessica Fernando and is directly attached to the exposed concrete walls. The rest of the signage-system was laser-cut out of brushed stainless steel.


Hosts: Jessica Fernando & Renato Kümin

Architecture by Abraha & Achermann

Photography by Ryan Wijayaratne


Identity for DIY-Jewelery-Brand BISHU based in Zurich including custom logo-type, printed matter, imagesmaking, packaging and much more.


Idenity of ROOM FOR–the label of industrial and textile designer Noelani Rutz producing limited series of high end products.